HEAT-FIT ESD-glove with thermal protection

EP1005044 HEAT-FIT ESD-Handschuh mit Temperaturschutz
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  • EP1005044
temperaturfest bis 150°C, Größe S, Nitril beschichtete Handinnenflächen,... more

HEAT-FIT ESD-glove with thermal protection, thermal protection up to 150°C

  • Size: S
  • Material: 80% PA, 20% carbon
  • Nitrile coated palms and fingertips
  • Resistance: approx. 107


EP1005021 PALM-FIT ESD-Handschuh grau
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PALM-FIT ESD-glove, gray
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EP1005065 PURE-FIT ESD-Handschuh weiss
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PURE-FIT ESD-glove, white
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