Entrance system eGATE 420

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With measuring device:

  • EP0301055
  • Platform with slanted edges
  • Left-hand
  • Embedded foot electrode with scraper
  • Swivel arm with lighting and sign
  • Glass side walls and stands
  • Platform with slanted edges
  • Personnel grounding tester EPA-RESIST 6000
  • Measurements individual
EP0301051 Eingangsanlage Protect Gate Komplettsystem linksläufig mit Personentester EPA-RESIST 6000
Order number: EP0301051
Entrance system PROTECT GATE
Price on request
EP0301023 Buegelsperre mit einem Schwenkarm verchromt
Order number: EP0301023
Entrance system PROTECT-GATE with one arm
Price on request
EP0301025 Buegelsperre mit zwei Schwenkarmen verchromt
Order number: EP0301025
Entrance system PROTECT GATE, with two swivel arms
Price on request

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