PD-800 personnel capturing system, 125 kHZ 13.56 MHz

EP0301011 PD-800 Personen-Erfassungssystem - Antennensystem für 125 kHz und 13.56 MHz Transponder
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  • EP0301011
Antenna system for 125 kHZ and 13.56 MHz, not for LEGIC or EUCHNER keys. The PD-800 captures... more

Antenna system for 125 kHZ and 13.56 MHz, not for LEGIC or EUCHNER keys.
The PD-800 captures on its transponder storage the transponder-ID, name of employee, validity and opening time. In another storage area movement data like transponder-ID, date, time and status and result of the ESD-test are captured. If a ESD-personal tester is connected after a successful test the internal relay inside the PD-800 will open the corresponding entrance system.

Access control
After positive signal reception (shoe and/or wrist) the mirco computer will switch the user, for a preset time, to „tested“. This way the user will not need to test himself again until that preset time runs out. Additionally access can be restricted based on lifespan data, such as existing ESD-certifications of the user (optional).
The relay output opens access through the turnstile etc. after a successful test.

With the integrated ethernet port your data can be read and saved easily.
Through the connection to your existing network (IP adress via DHCP) or just plugging it into your laptop the management of access data posses no problem any more.


Retrofittable for all personnel grounding testers that possess a relay output.
The PD-800 uses one input as a relay impuls to recognize a positive personnel grounding test. The personnel grounding tester needs to posses a potential free relay output.


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