Desiccant bags

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  • EP0702010
 Trockenmittelbeutel mit Ton Füllmenge 2 gr ,  VPE= 2.000 Stück ,... more

Desiccant bags with clay
These bags safely shield against corrosion damages on circuit boards, components, tools and machines. To be used inside of shielding bags.
Bags are reusable after oven-drying.

  • Bags with dissipative coating
  • Filling quantity: 35 g
  • P.U. 400 pcs
  • Usable up to 50°C
  • Humidity: From 15% to 50% 
  • Reactivation: 120ºC
Order number: EP0702001
Humidity indicator 3 values, 30/40/50%
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Order number: EP0702002
Humidity indicator 3 values, 5/10/15%
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Order number: EP0702003
Humidity indicator 3 values, 5/10/60%
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