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EP0104006 Dauerfersenband schwarz Klettverschluss
Order number: EP0104006
Permanent heel strap, velcro, black
Permanent heel strap, black, velcro fastener, for flat heeled shoes, contact through resiliant rubber.
€5.90 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104006
EP0104003 Dauerfersenband extra breit Schnappverschluss
Order number: EP0104003
Permanent heel strap, extra wide, snap lock
Permanent heel strap, black and blue, snap lock, for all types of shoes, resistance 10E6- 10E7 Ω.
€6.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104003
EP0104004 Dauerfersenband blau Klettverschluss
Order number: EP0104004
Permanent heel strap, velcro, black-blue
Permanent heel strap, black-blue, velcro, for flat heeled shoes, contact through tear-proof dual-layer rubber.
€8.10 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104004
EP0104005 Dauerfersenband extrem robust
Order number: EP0104005
Permanent heel strap, velcro, yellow-blue
Permanent heel strap, yellow-blue, velcro, for flat heeled shoes, contact through tear-proof dual-layer rubber.
€9.10 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104005
EP0104001 Einwegfersenband selbstklebend VPE 100 Stueck
Order number: EP0104001
Disposable heel straps, self-adhesive, 100 pcs
Disposable heel straps, non-woven fibrous material with conductive carbon strip, resistance 10E5- 10E7 Ω, 100 pcs.
€29.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104001
EP0104002 Wandhalterung fuer Einwegfersenbaender
Order number: EP0104002
Wall mount for disposable heel straps
Wall mount for disposable heel straps, yellow with print in german and english.
€19.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104002
EP0104008 EGB-Ueberziehschuh Standard
Order number: EP0104008
Overshoe EGB/cleanroom, 100 pcs
Overshoes EGB/cleanroom, non-woven fabric, polypropylene and polyethylene, one size fits all, resistance 10E6 Ω, 100 pcs.
€42.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104008
EP0104010 Ueberziehschuhe fuer Ueberziehschuhspender
Order number: EP0104010
Overshoes for overhoe dispenser, 100 pcs
Conductive personal grounding overshoes for usage in Overshoe dispenser, resistance 10E4 Ω, one size fits all, 100 pcs.
€79.80 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104010
EP0104009 Ueberziehschuhspender-Automat
Order number: EP0104009
Overshoe dispenser
Overshoe dispenser, holds 200 overshoes, mechanical function, no power required, sturdy and heavy.
€490.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104009
EP0104011 Dauerballenband schwarz
Order number: EP0104011
Front sole foot grounder, black
Front sole foot grounder, black, 3 sizes, S-L, 38-48, 1MΩ resistance, conductive rubber on the ball of the foot creates ground connection.
From €19.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP0104011

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