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EP0703030 ESD-Abschirmfolie METAL-IN
Order number: EP0703030
ESD-shielding film, METAL-IN
ESD-shielding film, METAL-IN, metalized shielding film, from PET/ALu/PE, running meter, 1,22m wide, 10E10 ohm resistance, 0,076mm thick.
€216.00 *
EP0703001 PE-Luftpolsterfolie ableitend 100-m-Rolle
Order number: EP0703001
Bubble wrap, dissipative
Bubble wrap, dissipative, 10E11Ω resistance, 600mm wide, 100m roll, approx. 60m2, 3 layers, amine-free, recyclable.
Content 1 Rolle
€37.40 *
EP0703017 Luftpolsterfolie leitfaehig 100-m-Rolle
Order number: EP0703017
Bubble wrap, conductive
Bubble wrap, conductive, 10E5-10E6Ω resistance, 5 sizes, 3 layers, silicone, solvent and plasticizer free.
Content 1 Rolle
From €58.00 *
EP0703013 Ableitfaehige Schlauchfolilie 250m B 500mm
Order number: EP0703013
Dissipative film
Dissipatve film, 10E10-10E11Ω resistance, 500mm wide, 250m roll, 0,1mm thick, amine-free, recyclable.
Content 1 Rolle
€244.00 *
EP1301009 Velostat Film Folie 46-m-Rolle
Order number: EP1301009
Velostat film, 46m roll
Conductive film made from volume conductive, carbon impregnated polyethylene, volume resistance <500 Ω-cm, three sizes.
Content 1 Rolle
From €206.90 *
EP0502013 ESD-Protect Kohlefaserband fuer Erdung Bodenbelag
Order number: EP0502013
ESD-PROTECT carbon ribbon
Carbon ribbon to ground ESD-floors and floor tiles, black, 10E5 ohm, 70mm wide, thickness 100μm, by running meter.
Content 1 Laufende(r) Meter
€0.59 *
EP0703014 ESD-Abdeckfolie als Haube dissipativ 50-m-Rolle
Order number: EP0703014
Cover sheeting, roll
Cover sheeting, 4800mm wide, 50m roll, dissipative, 10E9-10E11Ω resistance, 60µm thick.
Content 1 Rolle
€102.00 *
Order number: EP0703033
Stretch film, dissipative
Stretch film to secure and pack, dissipative, two roll lengths, 0,5m wide, 50mm core diameter, 10E10-10E11Ω resistance.  
From €27.60 *
EP0703022 Handwickelgeraet fuer Stretchfolien
Order number: EP0703022
Stretch film hand rolling tool
Stretch film hand rolling tool, for film widths up to 0,5m, core diameters up to 76mm, ball-bearing mounted center cone and rotating grip.
Content 1 Stück
€68.80 *

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