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Order number: EP0105001
Wrist strap, Jewel ®
Next level wirst strap, DK4 or DK10, silvered polypropylene fibers, antimicrobial and odor-inhibiting capabilities, comfort and safety wrapped in one.
From €10.44 *
Order number: EP0105027
Wrist strap flexible, with magnet connection
Flexible wrist strap with magnetic connection, MAGSNAP, usable with magnetic coiled cords.
€11.90 *
Order number: EP0105004
Wrist strap, antiallergic, blue
Antiallergic flexible wirst strap, DK10 or DK4, dual snap lock, highly flexible.
From €6.05 *
Order number: EP0105031
Wrist strap budget
Common wrist strap, anti-allergic, blue, DK10 or DK4 mm connection, adjustable.
€3.90 *
Order number: EP0105030
Wrist strap thermoplastic
Wrist strap from thermoplastic, DK10mm, blue, easily adjustable zipper-style latching.
€6.10 *
Order number: EP0105029
Wrist strap, silicone
Wrist strap from silicone, light blue, DK10mm, 5-step adjustable.
€5.90 *
Order number: EP0105012
Wrist strap metal, antiallergic
Metal wirst strap, DK10 or DK4, antiallergic, wirst diameter 195- 245 mm, stainless steel links.
From €20.52 *
Order number: EP0105028
Wrist strap metal, with magnet connection
Metal wrist strap with magnetic connection, MAGSNAP, usable with magnetic coiled cords.
€24.84 *
Order number: EP0105006
Wrist strap, antiallergic
Verfügbare Farben:
Flexible wirst straps, in multiple colors, antiallergic, no skin-to-metal-contact, highly flexible.
Verfügbare Farben:
From €5.50 *
Order number: EP0105033
Disposable ESD-wrist strap
Disposable non-woven ESD wrist strap with copper or aluminum foil, with conductive adhesive, 1,5m.
€2.60 *

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