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EP1502003 ESD-Protect PD-60 mit eLOGG-App
Order number: EP1502003
eLOGGER PD-60 and eLOGG app in a bundle. The smart solution for ESD-protocolling and administration, ultra robust handheld computer, easy to use app.
€2,540.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP1502003
EP1502002 eLOGG Softwareloesung zur ESD-Inventarverwaltung
Order number: EP1502002
eLOGG, software for ESD-inventory administration
Application for the eLOGGER PD-60, track and store all your measured data and objects, up tp 8 measurements per object, easily distinguishably objects thanks to assigned pictures.
€1,480.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP1502002
EP1502004 NTAG 215 NFC Transponder rund
Order number: EP1502004
NTAG 215 NFC transponder, round
White RFID NFC transponder, NATG 215 chip, round, 30 mm, 1.56 MHz, 540 bytes.
€1.80 *
Art-Nr.: EP1502004
NTAG 216 NFC transponder on-metal, round
Order number: EP1502005
NTAG 216 NFC transponder on-metal, round
Special RFID NFC transponder forconductive surfaces, NTAG 216 chip, round, 30 mm, 13.56 MHz, 924 bytes.
€2.80 *
Art-Nr.: EP1502005

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