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Order number: EP0901053
EPA-tray/coaster, made from dissipative ESD-plastic, 100x100mm, 10 pcs.
Content 10 Stück
€29.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901053
Order number: EP0901024
Clipboard, DIN A4
Clipboard, DIN A4, from PVC-film, light blue, dissipative, 10E11 Ω.
€11.20 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901024
Order number: EP0901032
ESD-binder, DIN A4, light blue
ESD-binder, DIN A4, light blue, 2 or 4 rings, 2 back widths, PVC-film, permanently dissipative, 10E11 Ω.
From €14.10 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901032
Order number: EP0901027
ESD-ring binder, DIN A4
ESD-ring binder, DIN A4, blue, dissipative, 315x245x30mm.
€2.95 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901027
Order number: EP0901028
ESD-hanging binder
ESD-hanging binder, black, dissipative, 564x319mm.
€3.95 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901028
Order number: EP0901005
Loose-leaf binder DIN A4
Loose-leaf binder DIN A4, blue with transparent cover, 10E10- 10E11 Ω, recyclable, metal pins.
€3.26 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901005
Order number: EP0901026
Loose-leaf folder, dissipative
Loose-leaf folder, black, dissipative, 315x245x30mm.
€1.48 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901026
Order number: EP0901003
Document sleeves DIN A4
Document sleeves DIN A4, dissipative, 10E12 Ω, one side open, 2 options.
Content 10 Stück
From €15.33 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901003
Order number: EP0901081
ESD-document holder, DIN A4, 100 pcs
ESD-document holder DIN A4, 100 pcs, 10E-10E11 resistance, opening top.
€32.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901081
Order number: EP0901082
ESD-document holder, DIN A6
ESD-document holder, DIN A6, 10E11 resistance, opening top.
€2.60 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901082
Order number: EP0901083
ESD-document holder, DIN A6, 4 pcs
ESD-document holder, DIN A6, 4 pcs, 10E11 resistance, opening top.
€3.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901083
Order number: EP0901084
ESD-document holder, DIN A7, 6 pcs
ESD-document holder, DIN A7, 6 pcs, 10E11 ohm resistance, opening top.
€4.15 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901084
Order number: EP0901004
Document sleeves DIN A4
Document sleeves DIN A4, dissipative, 10E12 Ω, two sides open.
€35.60 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901004
Order number: EP0901021
Dissipative lamination sheets
Dissipative lamination sheets, PET, 0,10mm thick, 10E4- 10E5 Ω, for DIN A4 or A3.
From €98.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901021
ESD-delivery note pocket
Order number: EP0901022
ESD-delivery note pocket
ESD-delivery note pocket, dissipative, self-adhesive, 2 sizes, transparent.
From €1.92 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901022
Order number: EP0901018
ESD-swivel boards, DIN A4
ESD-swivel boards, DIN A4, transparent, black frame, 10E10 Ω.
€65.45 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901018
Order number: EP0901019
Stainless steel swivel board-holder
Stainless steel swivel board-holder, for wall mounting, 10 swivel boards included.
€100.90 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901019
Order number: EP0901020
Table stand for swivel boards
Table stand for swivel boards, stainless steel, 10 swivel boards included.
€124.45 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901020
Order number: EP0901031
ESD-binder, DIN A4, black
ESD-binder, DIN A4, black, 4 rings, 2 back widths, vinyl, permanently dissipative, 10E11 Ω.
€12.40 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901031
Order number: EP0901006
ESD-letter tray
ESD-letter tray, black, S ABS, 334x258x63mm, 10E4 Ω.
Content 1 Stück
€7.60 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901006
Order number: EP0706134
ESD-document tray DIN A4
ESD-document tray DIN A4, black, PS permanently conductive, 330x240x60mm, 10E4 Ω.
Content 1 Stück
€6.90 *
Art-Nr.: EP0706134
Order number: EP0901008
ESD-magazine file, 3 in 1
ESD-magazine file, 3 in 1, black, ABS, 3 DIN A4 compartments, 10E5- 10E9 Ω.
€28.30 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901008
Order number: EP0901007
ESD-magazine file, light blue
ESD-magazine file, light blue, vinyl, one DIN A4 compartment, 10E11 Ω.
€14.85 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901007
Order number: EP0901010
ESD-lD holder with clip
ESD-lD holder, with clip, horizontal design, 2 sizes, 10E10 Ω.
From €2.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901010
Order number: EP0901013
ESD-lD holder, with lanyard slot
ESD-lD holder, with lanyard slot, horizontal or vertical design, 2 sizes, 10E10 Ω.
€1.34 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901013
Order number: EP0901015
ESD-lD holder, with zipper
ESD-lD holder, with zipper, horizontal or vertical design, 2 sizes, 10E10 Ω.
From €2.20 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901015
Order number: EP0901017
Lanyard with push buttons
Lanyard with push buttons, 68,6cm long, to fasten ESD-ID-holders.
€2.01 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901017
ESD-Taschenrechner, LCD, Batteriebetrieb
Order number: EP0901048
ESD-calculator, from ABS, resistance 10E5- 10E9 Ω.
€26.80 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901048
ESD-Messer, ABS, schwarz
Order number: EP0901040
ESD-knife, from ABS, resistance 10E5- 10E9 Ω.
€6.65 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901040
Order number: EP0901043
ESD-scissor, black, ABS, 10E5- 10E9 Ω.
€10.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901043
Order number: EP0901080
ESD-stapler, black, ABS, 120x32x53mm, 10E5-10E9Ω.
€9.80 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901080
Shielding Tape, Vulkanisierband
Order number: EP0901038
ESD-shielding tape
ESD-shielding tape, self-fusing, dissipative vulcanized tape, that creates a ESD-safe dissipative shield.
From €11.45 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901038
ESD-Spiralband zur Kabelbündelung
Order number: EP0901037
ESD-spiral band
ESD-spiral band, PE, diameter inside 6mm, outside 4mm, 10m long, 10E9 Ω.
€169.85 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901037
Order number: EP0901036
ESD-thermal contraction tube
ESD-thermal contraction tube, made from inter-woven polyolefine-tubes, pre 13,5mm, post 4mm, 10E4 Ω.
€13.15 *
Art-Nr.: EP0901036

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