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EP1101011 Ableitfaehiger Spritzlack in RAL-Farben
Order number: EP1101011
ESD-coating, base and hardener
Verfügbare Farben:
ESD-coating, base and hardener in 3 RAL colors, resistance <3,5x10E7 Ω, 4,8kg base varnish, 0,8kg hardener, high abrasion and chemical resistance.
Verfügbare Farben:
€695.00 *
EP1101007 ESD-Spritzlack 400 ml RAL-Farben
Order number: EP1101007
ESD-coating spray can, 400ml
Verfügbare Farben:
ESD-coating spray can, 400ml, in 4 RAL colors, resistance <3,5x10E7 Ω, high abrasion and chemical resistance.
Verfügbare Farben:
€64.50 *
EP1101014 Haftvermittler Haftprimer fuer ESD-Lacke 400 ml
Order number: EP1101014
Primer for ESD-coating, 400ml
Primer for ESD-coating, 400ml, for ABS, PA, PC,POM, PP/EPDM, PPO, PUR, PVC etc.
€35.25 *

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