ESD-tape, screen print, dissipative, 34m long

EP0603014 Klebeband Rasterdruck ableitfaehig
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Tape width:

  • EP0603014
Klebeband mit Rasterdruck, ableitfähige PP-Oberfläche, Oberflächenwiderstand 10 7... more
  • Tape with screen print
  • Dissipative PP-surface
  • Resistance: 10E7 Ω
  • With ESD-warning symbol
  • Length: 34 m
  • Width: 12 mm
EP0603011 ESD-Klebeband transparent ohne Druck
Order number: EP0603011
ESD-tape, transparent, 66m long
From €1.78 *
EP0603045 ESD-Kapton-Klebeband kupferfarben antistatisch 33 m
Order number: EP0603045
Kapton ESD-tape, dissipative, 33m long
From €11.40 *
EP0603004 ESD-Klebeband dissipativ transparent Laenge 33 m
Order number: EP0603004
ESD-tape, dissipative, transparent, 33m long
From €3.25 *

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