durAstatic™ dispenser with needle, blue, 60ml

EP0708044 durAstatic Dispenser 60 ml blau
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  • EP0708044
durAstatic Dispenser 60 ml blau Nadeldurchmesser: 0,41mm more
  • Bottle from LDPE (dissipative)
  • Black cap from polypropylene/TPE (conductive)
  • Needle from stainless steel (conductive)
  • Reduces contamination risk of contents
  • Permanent dissipative
  • Filling quantity: 60 ml
  • Needle gauge: 0,41 mm
  • Stamped ESD-symbol
  • Without silicone
  • Resistance to ground Rg= 10E7- 10E10 Ω
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