Entrance system PROTECT GATE, with two swivel arms

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Entrance system PROTECT GATE with two swivel arms

Left- or right-handed

Modular setup:

The PROTECT GATE entrance system is modular, meaning setup, opening times, opening speeds and multiple options are possible- all according to your needs. The Basic Kit contains a motor collum, on which different arms (frame, plexiglas, safety glass) can be mounted, and can be topped of with a multiple control kits (radar sensor, remote controls).

Surfaces high-gloss chromed (standard), optionally coated in different colors, even the RAL color zu desire.


Mechanical panic fuse – In case of danger the arm can be pushed in either direction
Electrical safety – The system immediately stopps if something or someone blocks the path of the swivel arm.
Emergency opening– In cas of alarm the arm can be opend in exit direction. Optionally an automatic opening in case of (fire)alarms are possible.
In case of a power outage the brakes will be automatically disengaged.

All PROTECT GATE motor collums (single- and double-systems) contains a light ring at the upper end, different light meaning the folowing:

  • Green: Gate is opening
  • Red: Gate is closing
  • Red flashing: Alarm


  • 2x Base for frame swivel arm chromed
  • 2x Power supply in base
  • With mounting material
  • 2x Frame swivel arm round 1200x300x1200 mm chromed
  • With printed sign
  • With arrow and stop-symbol
  • Adapter for external connection
  • Connection to remote control
Order number: EP0301051
Entrance system PROTECT GATE
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Order number: EP0301023
Entrance system PROTECT-GATE with one arm
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Order number: EP0301028
Single trail for PROTECT GATE
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