Tente ESD-fixed rollers with plate fastening

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Wheel diameter:

  • EP0806068
  • Tente
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Gabel aus Stahlblech, glanzverzinkt, blaupassiviert, Radkörper aus Polypropylen,... more

Tente ESD-fixed rollers with plate fastening

  • Wheel: Polypropylene, conductive
  • Wheel diameter: 75 mm
  • Plate measurements: 67 x 60 mm
  • Tread: TENTEprene gray, traceless
  • Bearing: Plain bearing
Order number: EP0806038
Fetra TPE-ESD-fixed rollers, 135kg
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TPE-ESD-Bockrolle, Tragkraft 200 kg
Order number: EP0806039
Fetra TPE-ESD-fixed rollers, 200kg
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TPE-ESD-Bockrolle, Tragkraft 250 kg
Order number: EP0806040
Fetra TPE-ESD-fixed rollers, 250kg
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