ESD-shielding bag METAL IN, with zipper

EP0701032 ESD-Abschirmbeutel METAL IN mit Zipper
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Width x Height mm:

  • EP0701032
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ESD-Abschirmbeutel (Shielding-Bag) Metal In, nach EN 61340-5-1 und 5-3, mit Zipper ,... more
  • ESD-shielding bags according to EN 61340-5-1
  • Measurements: 76x127 mm
  • Version: With zipper
  • Color: Transparent
  • Style: METAL IN
  • Material: PET/ALU/PE
  • Foil thickness: 0,076 mm
  • ESD-warning symbol print
  • Surface resistance inside < 4 x 10E10 Ω
  • Surface resistance outside: < 2 x 10E10 Ω
  • P.U. 100 pcs
EP0701049 SCS Shieldingbeutel METAL IN verschweissbar
Order number: EP0701049
SCS shielding bag METAL IN, weldable
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EP0701069 SCS Shieldingbeutel METAL IN mit Zipper
Order number: EP0701069
SCS shielding bag METAL IN, with zipper
From €12.22 *
EP0701084 SCS Shieldingbeutel METAL OUT verschweissb
Order number: EP0701084
SCS shielding bags METAL OUT, weldable
From €9.23 *

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