Velostat film, 46m roll

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  • EP1301009
Die leitfähige Folie besteht aus einem volumenleitfähigen, mit Kohlenstoff imprägnierten... more

Conductive film made from volume conductive, carbon impregnated polyethylene and is mostly used in material-handeling, shipping and storing in electronics and chemical industry.

This film also provides safety against any sort of electrostatic influence. Neither moisture nor ageing will inhibit its conductive capabilities.

The film is heat-sealable, flexible and offers high resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Amine-, silicone- and heavy metal-free and with that RoHS-conform.

  • Material: Conductive carbon-loaded PE
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 46 m
  • Thickness: 0,102 mm
  • Width: 91,4 cm
  • Thermal properties: Heat-sealable
  • Volume resistance: <500 Ω-cm
  • Static decay: < 2 sec
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