ESD-coating spray can, 400ml

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  • EP1101007
Kostengünstige, unkomplizierte und dauerhafte Methode zur Behandlung von isolierenden und... more

ESD-coating spray can, 400ml

  • Color: Black (RAL 9005)
  • Contents: 400ml
  • Resistance: <3,5x10E7 Ω


Cheap and permanent way to treat isolating or low-ohm materials. 2-component polyurethane spray. Highly abrasion- and chemical-resistant coating, resistance <3,5x10E7 Ω (IEC 61340-5-1). Perfect for a variety applications, such as storage shelves, wagons, table tops, drawers, boxes etc. (for some materials primer is needed).

Besides our 4 standard color, we can deliver what ever color you desire (from a certain amount upwards of course). The wide nozzle allows a fine nebulization of the varnish particles and therefore enables a smoother more regular coating. After first use, the spray can remains usable for about 5 hours. Standard colors: Light gray (approx. RAL 7035), dove blue (approx. RAL 5014), red (approx. RAL 3000) and black (approx. RAL 9005). Special colors from 12 cans upwards.

Order number: EP1101011
ESD-coating, base and hardener
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Haftvermittler (Haftprimer) für ESD-Lacke, 400 ml
Order number: EP1101014
Primer for ESD-coating, 400ml
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