ergolastec® floor mat puzzle WET

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  • EP0503019
  • Ergolastec
  • Ergolastec
Ideale Matte für Arbeitsplätzen mit Geh-, Steh- und Drehbewegungen. Die dämpfenden Halbkugeln... more

Ergonomic ESD-floor mat puzzle tile WET

  • Measurements: 1350 mm x 1000 mm x 20 mm
  • Type: WET- for wet areas
  • Element-Type: J (All round toothing)
  • Anti-exhausting
  • Material: SBR rubber
  • Oil-, fat- and fuel-resistant
  • Fire-retardant
  • Antibacterial
  • Surface resistance: 10E5 Ω


Ergonomically certified and recommended by  Aktion gesunder Rücken e.V. ergolastec® floor mat puzzle enable comfortable and healthy standing and walking through the synergy of special gemeometric sides (front- and backside), that leads to permanent compensatory movement. Which means, these anti-exhausting mats are developed in a way that the body will stay in small and natural, but constant,  motion, relaxing both leg and calf-muscles. This reduces one-sided pressure on intervertebral discs and leads to balanched back muscles: The spine gets stabilized.

EP0503018 Ergolastec Bodenmatten-Puzzle Typ DRY
Order number: EP0503018
ergolastec® floor mat puzzle DRY
Content 1 Stück
€221.00 *
ergolastec® Vario Plus floor mat puzzle tile DRY
Order number: EP0503048
ergolastec® Vario Plus floor mat puzzle tile DRY
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