Tente ESD-steering roller, plate fastening

EP0806080 Tente ESD-Lenkrolle Plattenbefestigung
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  • EP0806080
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Tente ESD-steering roller, plate fastening

  • Wheel: Glavanized steel sheet, conductive
  • Wheel diameter: 100 mm
  • Plate measurements: 105 x 85 mm
  • Tread: Solid rubber, black
  • Bearing: Roller bearing
EP0806095 Tente ESD-Lenkrolle Plattenbefestigung
Order number: EP0806095
Tente ESD-steering roller, plate fastening
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EP0806099 Tente ESD-Lenkrolle Plattenbefestigung Feststeller
Order number: EP0806099
Tente ESD-steering rollers with plate...
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EP0806064 Tente ESD-Lenkrolle Plattenbefest Feststeller
Order number: EP0806064
Tente ESD-steering roller, plate fastening, brake
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