ESD-ProMAT table mat Premium, 60x100cm, 2x DK10

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  • EP0504017
ProMat Tischmatte Premium ( Zuschnitt ) Maße: 60 x 100 cm , Stärke 2 mm... more

Table mat made from sythetic rubber, thermal resistent (soldering tin splashes), double-layered (dissipative/conductive), chemical- and oil-resistent, antireflective surface, permanently flexible and abrasion-proof.

Technical data:

  • Measurements mm: 600 x 1000
  • Connection: 2x DK10
  • Color: Gray
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Resistance to ground: 10E6- 10E9 Ω
Order number: EP0504011
ESD-ProMAT table mat Premium, 60x90cm, 2x DK10
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