PURE-FIT ESD-glove, white

EP1005065 PURE-FIT ESD-Handschuh weiss
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  • EP1005065
PURE-FIT ESD-Handschuh, Größe S, Farbe weiß, Material: Polyester und leitfähige... more

PURE-FIT ESD-glove, no coating variant, different colored elastics in seam for each size

  • Size: S
  • Color: White
  • Material: Polyester with conductive carbon fibers
  • Resistance: 106-109 Ohm
EP1005021 PALM-FIT ESD-Handschuh grau
Order number: EP1005021
PALM-FIT ESD-glove, gray
€1.78 *
EP1005039 DOT-FIT ESD-Handschuh weiss
Order number: EP1005039
DOT-FIT ESD-glove, white
€1.85 *
EP1005044 HEAT-FIT ESD-Handschuh mit Temperaturschutz
Order number: EP1005044
HEAT-FIT ESD-glove with thermal protection
From €6.48 *

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