PROTEX® premium ESD-Twin-Lay jacket, gray-black

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  • EP1003028
  • ESD-PROTECT - Made in Europe
  • ESD-PROTECT - Made in Europe

ESD-PROTEX Premium Twin-Lay jacket, unisex

An ESD-jacket for colder ESD-areas. Thanks to the two stacked layers of the Twin-Lay jacket, this jacket is an allrounder. 

The inner fleece keeps warm, and the outer layer is robust and water-repellant.This jacket is perfect for workers in ESD-areas with outdoor contact, or workers who move between different ESD-areas.

  • Size: XS
  • Inner layer: Thermo-fleece
  • Outer layer: Cotton with 6 % conductive carbon fiber
  • With zipper, ESD-Logo left sleeve
  • Two side pockets with zippers
  • Additional inner pocket
  • Color: Dark gray-black
EP1003044 ESD-Warnweste
Order number: EP1003044
ESD-high visibility vest
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EP1003107 CONDUCTEX ESD-Sweatjacke ProKnit schwarz mit 2 Seitentaschen und ESD-Logo auf linkem Ärmel
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CONDUCTEX® ESD-sweatjacket ProKnit
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EP1003125 CONDUCTEX ESD-Blouson royal mit Stehkragen 2 Seitentaschen und 1 Spatentasche
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