Wrist strap, antiallergic, blue

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DK connection:

  • EP0105003
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  • Connection: DK10 mm
  • Widely adjustable, wrist diameter of 130-180 mm
  • Made from flexible fabric
  • Woven in conductible fibers
  • Dual snap
Wrist strap, antiallergic
Order number: EP0105008
Wrist strap, antiallergic
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Wrist strap flexible, with magnet connection
Order number: EP0105027
Wrist strap flexible, with magnet connection
€11.30 *
EP0105028 ESD-Erdungsarmband Metall mit Magnetanschluss aus Edelstahl - schwarz
Order number: EP0105028
Wrist strap metal, with magnet connection
€19.60 *

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