Dissipative lamination sheets

Dissipative lamination sheets
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  • EP0901021
Laminierfolie DIN A4 ableitfähiges PET, Ableitwiderstand 10 4 - 10 5 Ohm,... more

Dissipative lamination sheets to laminate documents with common laminator. The documents are safe, stabilized and possess an ESD-safe surface.

  • Material: PET
  • Film thickness: 0,10 mm
  • Resistance to ground: 10E4- 10E5 Ω
  • Measurements: 304 x 217 mm for DIN A4
  • P.U. 100 pcs.
EP0901003 Dokumentenhuelle DIN A4 leitfaehig transparent
Order number: EP0901003
Document sleeves DIN A4
Content 10 Stück
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EP0901004 Einsteck-Dokumentenhuellen DIN A4
Order number: EP0901004
Document sleeves DIN A4
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EP0901005 ESD-Schnellhefter DIN A4
Order number: EP0901005
Loose-leaf binder DIN A4
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