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  • EP1502003
ESD-PROTECT eLOGGER PD-60 RFID mobile terminal (EP1502001) handheld computer with 5"... more

ESD-PROTECT eLOGGER PD-60 RFID mobile terminal (EP1502001) handheld computer with 5" touchscreen, android OS incl. preinstalled eLOGG app software solution (EP1502002).


The ultra robust and compact RFID handheld PD 60, with integrated RFID reader, is the ideal companion for rough terrain. The combination of handy design, high powered technology and extensive features make the RFID handheld computer indispensable for mobile work. Thanks to Android OS and Multi-Touch 5 inch TFT display the PD 60 is intuitive and easy to use. With a fully integrated HF (NFC 13.56 MHz) reader and writer its easily usable as a mobile RFID terminal.



  • The smart solution for ESD-protocolling and administration
  • Mobile RFID-reading and writing unit
  • NFC scanner
  • Easy to use with eLOGG-APP and touch display
  • Integrated 8 Mega-Pixel camera
  • Wifi, bluetooth, EDGE, GPS
  • 1D/2D barcode scanner (optional)


eLOGG app

Java 5.1 application for the administration of ESD-inventroy through a RFID (NFC) transponders. Every user can set individual administration thresholds:

Mode Threshold
Self defined You define the acceptable threshold (upper and lower) Rgp/Rpp for the object
Work surfaces, shelves and transport wagons Predefined according to DIN 61340-5-1: Rgp> 10kΩ <1GΩ
Floors Predefined according to DIN 61340-5-1: Rgp> 50kΩ <1GΩ
Chairs and other seating Predefined according to DIN 61340-5-1: Rgp> 10kΩ <1GΩ
No check Check turned off
  • Up to 8 measurements (4 parts x point-to-point and point-to-ground) per object possible
  • Capture, edit, delete new objects
  • Quick and easy object destinction thanks to captured pictures
  • Import- / export function to Excel or other databases thanks to .CSV files
Order number: EP1502004
NTAG 215 NFC transponder, round
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NTAG 216 NFC transponder on-metal, round
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Order number: EP1502002
eLOGG, software for ESD-inventory administration
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