Ionizing gun SCS Air Gun

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  • EP0403001
SCS - Ionized Air Gun 230 V (2,13m tube) incl. power supply 220V Ergonomic gun... more

SCS - Ionized Air Gun 230 V (2,13m tube)

  • incl. power supply 220V
  • Ergonomic gun design
  • Flexible, light tube
  • Strong blow, IsoStat®-technology
  • Robust conductive materials
  • Ozone creation: < 0,005 ppm
  • Self balancing offset voltage: ± 30 V
  • Max. pressure: 7,0 bar
  • Measurement gun: 203 x 25 x 76 mm (LxWxH)
  • Console 216 x 41 x 76 mm (LxWxH)

It guarantees an absolutly balanced ionization and eliminates complicated feedback circuits. Ionizers with this technology never need to be calibrated and require only very little maintenance. IsoStat® based on the physics principle of charge conservation in a closed system. The ionizing gun was especially created for the user. The user will not be inhibited in his movements thanks to the light and flexible air tube. No high voltage cables mean increased safety. The guns posses an ergonomic design and will react to light pressure

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