Rental device electro field meter EFM 823 with ZBS

EP0201013 Elektrofeldmeter EP-EFM 823 mit Zubehoerset ZBS 2
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RENTAL DEVICE, PRICE PER WEEK. The electro field meter EFM 823 is pretty much the EFM... more


The electro field meter EFM 823 is pretty much the EFM 822 except the 823 posseses an analog output.

Menu controlled measuring distance pre selection
Voltage potentials can be easily read without needless conversions thanks to pre selection of the measuring distance in the menu. 5 different mearuing distances are available, those ensure optimal usage even in problematic areas.

Very high zero stability
This way the offset adjustment that other systems need before every measurement is not a concern with this one.

Hold function
The reading can be held on the display, to ensure measurement and the reading of those results even in hard to reach areas.

Measuring range:
Distance 1 cm: 0 to 10 kV
Distance 2 cm: 0 to 20 kV
Distance 5 cm: 0 to 50 kV
Distance 10 cm: 0 to 100 kV
Distance 20 cm: 0 to 200 kV


  • Electro field meter EFM823
  • ESD-case with conductive foam inlay
  • 2 9V-NiMH batteries
  • Plug-in charger
  • Grounding coiled cord with crocodile clamp
  • 2 spacers (2 cm)
  • Manual
  • Calibration certificate
Technical specifications

Technische Daten

  • Messart: Influenzprinzip (Feldmühlenprinzip)
  • Messbereich: 0 bis ± 200kV
  • Anzeige: 2-zeilige LCD-Anzeige
  • Betriebsart: Batteriebetrieb
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