Rental device SCS Eye-Meter

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  • EP1601005
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RENTAL DEVICE, PRICE PER WEEK Portable detector to capture ESD-events, electromagnetic... more


Portable detector to capture ESD-events, electromagnetic fields and HF-signals.

The new SCS Eye-Meter is a universal, modular built test- and measureing device with almost endless usability. It offers the capture, display and storage of all parameters that can be picked up by all the different sensors. The base model can be supplemented with inexpensive sensors.


  • Portable multi measuring and test device
  • Captures amount and values of ESD-events
  • Registers EMI fields and RF-signals
  • Integrated SD card for data storage
  • Touch screen display for easy use
  • Automatic shut-off to save energy
  • Single- and remote sensors available
  • Acoustic signals through speakers or headphones

With the external antenna you will be able to reach far back and tight spaces inside machines.



  • SCS Eye-Meter
  • ESD-sensor EP0201035
  • MicroSD card, 4GB
  • Power supply, 5VDC
  • CTC113 remote antenna
  • RF cable
  • Carrying case
  • Calibration certificate



Audio indicators Speaker: Beeping or analog audio with volume adjustment
Recording intervall Peak: 1-360 sec
Median: 0.1-360 sec
Display Touchsreen monitor 32 x 105 mm, 65W
External storage microSD card
Connection headset 3.5mm jack
Power supply 240V, 50-60 Hz, 0.2A
ESD-event sensor  
Resolution input 1mV (1mV-15mV); 15 mV (15mV-1500mV)
Reach 1.3cm - 38.1cm
EM field sensor  
Calibration frequency 1 GHz
Antenna factor -40.0 to 40 dBm
RF signal sensor  
Dynamics Min: -55 dBm
Max: 0 dBm
Damping 00 dB / 20 dB
Order number: EP1601001
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