Electro field meter EFM 822 with CPS

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  • EP0201014
Small and easy to use tool to measure the effectiveness of ionizers and their offset voltage.... more

Small and easy to use tool to measure the effectiveness of ionizers and their offset voltage.

With the carge plate set the EFM 822 becomes a charge plate monitor to monitor air ionizers according to EN 100015 resp. EOS/ESD S.3.1

Decharge time is measured from + 1.000V ... + 100V or - 1.000V....-100V with the in the EFM integrated start-stop timer. Charging occurs through an external HV-convertor.

  • Sets discharge time from ± 1000 Volt to ± 100 Volt
  • Measurement of voltage potential with a plug-on plate electrode (75 mm x 150 mm)
  • Suitable for the use inside of machines
  • Measurements: 150 mm x 125 mm x 75 mm (W x H x D) with foot


  • Electro field meter EFM 822
  • Case with dissipative foam inlay
  • CPS-device base
  • Plate condenser
  • HV-convertor ± 1200 V
  • Coiled grounding cable
  • Crocodile clamp
  • Manual
Technical specifications
Abmessungen (EFM 822) 122mm x 70mm x 26mm ( L x B x H )
Gewicht (EFM 822) ca. 139 g (ohne Batterie)
Stromversorgung (EFM 822) 9V Alkali Blockbatterie IEC 6F22
Anzeige (EFM 822) 2-zeilige alphanumerische LCD-Anzeige mit je 12 Stellen
In der oberen Zeile wird die gewählte Messdistanz in cm, in der unteren die gemessene Aufladung in Volt angezeigt.
Lieferumfang Elektrofeldmeter EFM 822
Bereitschaftskoffer mit leitfähiger Schaumstoffeinlage
2 x 9V-Batterie/Akku
Plattenkondensator (Charge Plate)
HV - Konverter ± 1200V
Erdungskabel (Spiralkabel mit Krokodiladapter)
EP0201066 BGT Visio 600 Begehtest Walking-Test im Koffer
Order number: EP0201066
BGT Visio 600
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EP0201011 - ESD-Messgeräte - Das Elektrofeldmeter EFM 822
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Electro field meter EFM 822
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EP0201012 ESD-Messgeräte - Elektrofeldmeter EP-EFM 822 mit Zubehoerset ZBS
Order number: EP0201012
Electro field meter EFM 822 with acessory set ZBS
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