Electro field meter EFM823-BGT walking test set

EP0201017 ESD-Messgeräte - Elektrofeldmeter EP-EFM 823 mit Zubehoerset BGT
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  • EP0201017
EFM 823 mit Zubehör Begehtest With the electro field meter EFM 823 with analog output ± 1 V,... more

EFM 823 mit Zubehör Begehtest
With the electro field meter EFM 823 with analog output ± 1 V, with measuring head, the hand electrode MEL and the teflon insulated measurement lines (3 and 5 m) a walking test according to DIN EN 61340-5 can be performed. The set also contains a analog-digital convertor, with which measured data can be read and further worked with. The PC software KL_ReadOut is used to do that, read and further analyse your data. With the software your computer becomes the instant display for measured data. Also it records positive and negative max data. Htrough the function "Chart" a charge- or discharge-curve can be recorded and saved.

  • ESD-case with conductive foam inlay
  • Electro field meter EFM 823 with analog outlet ± 1 V
  • 2 9V-NiMH batteries
  • Power supply
  • Hand electrode EP-MEL
  • Coiled grounding cable with clamp
  • Teflon insulated measurement lines (3m and 5m)
  • AD convertor UAC 810
  • PC software Read Out
  • BNC cable (UAC 810-EFM 823)
  • Manual
  • Calibration certificate
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