ESD-MultiCLEAN floor cleaner, canister

EP1204005 ESD-MultiClean Bodenreiniger Konzentrat
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  • EP1204005
Konzentrat, spezielles Reinigungsmittel für ableitfähige und leitfähige Oberflächen,... more

ESD-MultiCLEAN floor cleaner

  • Concentrate
  • 5l canister
  • Ensures condutivity
  • Leaves no isolating residue

Highly effective and powerful cleaner, for either manual or machine use, for use on ESD-floors. Distinguishes itself with quick and thorough stain removal. Its net-effect loosens dirt even from the smallest crevices. Oil, fat, resin, wax, insect dirt, food residue, soot- none stand a chance. Cleans while being material-friendly and non-adbrasive, to floors such as tiles, wood, lioleum, PVC, rubber, natural stone.

Depending on staining ESD-MultiCLEAN floor cleaner should be diluted with water by 1-to 5-% (100-500 ml on 10 l water). Wipe the floor with this solution and let the remaining mositure dry off.

ESD-MultiCLEAN floor cleaner contains surfactants, phosphates, auxiliary  materials and scents. All ingredients are easily degradable.

  • Preserves the conductivity levels of ESD-surfaces
  • Does not leave any isolating residue
  • Fully bio-degradable
  • Pleasant citrus-scent, low expenditure, unlimited storage duration
  • pH-neutral, material- and skin-friendly
  • Reaches the requirement of DIN EN 61340-5-1
ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, 1l
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ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, 1l
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ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, 6x 1l
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ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, 6x 1l
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ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, canister
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