ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, 6x 1l

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  • EP1204002
ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner Finished solution 6x 1l spray bottle Ensures... more

ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner

  • Finished solution
  • 6x 1l spray bottle
  • Ensures condutivity
  • Leaves no isolating residue

Surface cleaner for daily cleaning inside your EPA. Special cleaner for dissipative and conductive surfaces. Perfect for the cleaning of ESD-workareas and workstations. Spotless removing of any stain.

ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner is used undiluted, spray it on the area that is to be cleaned. After 2-3 minutes wipe the area with a clean rag dry.

ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner contains surfactants, phosphates, auxiliary  materials and scents. All ingredients are easily degradable.

  • Preserves the conductivity levels of ESD-surfaces
  • Does not leave any isolating residue
  • Fully bio-degradable
  • Pleasant citrus-scent, low expenditure, unlimited storage duration
  • pH-neutral, material- and skin-friendly
  • Reaches the requirement of DIN EN 61340-5-1
ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, 1l
Order number: EP1204001
ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, 1l
Content 1 Liter
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EP1204003 ESD-MultiClean Oberflaechenreiniger Fertigloesung
Order number: EP1204003
ESD-MultiCLEAN surface cleaner, canister
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ESD-MultiCLEAN floor cleaner, canister
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