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Order number: EP0502013
ESD-PROTECT carbon ribbon
Carbon ribbon to ground ESD-floors and floor tiles, black, 10E5 ohm, 70mm wide, thickness 100μm, by running meter.
Content 1 Laufende(r) Meter
€0.59 *
Order number: EP0102007
Grounding-set for flooring
Wall mounted grounding-set for ESD-flooring, with test-point (4 mm socket) and 2 m self-adhesive copper strip, to ground an area up to 10 m x 20 m.  Grounding cable 3 m with eyelet.
€24.90 *
Order number: EP0102009
Central grounding box
Marshaling panel to connect max. 7 ground conductors with screw eyelet M4, to connect conductors to main-ground.
€9.95 *
Order number: EP0599013
Copper strip, self-adhesive
Copper strip to ground ESD-table mats and ESD-flooring, 0,1mm thickness, 11mm width, 20m roll length.
€22.50 *
Order number: EP0599007
Universal stud kit
Universal stud kit, with ball and rivet, label, screws and washer.
€4.00 *
Order number: EP0599006
Push-button set DK10, 100 pcs
Push-button set DK10, 10 mm stud lower part (ball + rivet), 100 pcs.
€16.90 *
Order number: EP0599008
Riveting tool for DK10
Riveting tool for DK10 push-buttons.
€25.20 *
Order number: EP0599001
Hole punch set with aluminium plate
Hole punch, with aluminium plate (80 mm x 80 mm x 10 mm), to punch holes for studs in table mats and flooring, wrought iron with hardened edge.
€9.90 *
Order number: EP0599018
Adapter banana plug - DK10
Adapter DK10mm to 4mm banana.
€8.00 *
Order number: EP0599004
Adapter banana plug - DK10 stackable
10 mm banana plug adapter, stackable.
€2.80 *
Order number: EP0599005
10 mm stud (DK10)
10 mm stud (DK10), 1 pcs.
€4.50 *
Order number: EP0599009
Crocodile clamp for banana plugs
Crocodile clamp for banana plugs.
€1.06 *
Order number: EP0599010
Crocodile clamp with DK10 connection
Crocodile clamp big, VDE isolated, with 10 mm DK connection.
€2.70 *
Order number: EP0199008
Grounding strap, 50cm
Grounding strap for subsequent grounding of transport systems, 50cm long, 21x6mm strap dimensions, with M6 clamping claw.
Content 1 Stück
€18.00 *

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