ESD-flooring EP-SAFE

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  • EP0501005
Der ESD-Bodenbelag EP-Safe eignet sich ideal für normale Beanspruchung. Ableitwiderstand von 10... more
  • Material: Synthetic rubber, double-layer
  • Thickness: 3,5 mm
  • Roll width x length: 1,22 m x 10 m
  • Color: Platinum gray
  • Resistance to ground: 10E7- 10E8 Ω
  • Laying: Loose or glue


Order number: EP0599015
Uzin KE 2000 SL conductive fiber glue
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EP0501006 ESD-Bodenbelag EP-SAFE 10 m Rolle
Order number: EP0501006
ESD-Bodenbelag EP-SAFE, 10 m Rolle
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EP0501001 ESD-Bodenbelag Noraplan STONE ED 15 m Rolle
Order number: EP0501001
ESD-flooring Noraplan STONE ED
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