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Order number: EP0705260
PCB Rack, 215x582mm
PCB Rack, 215x582mm, 20 Steckplätze, schwarzes Karbon Polypropylen Gemisch mit Mika Flocken, 1,2kg.
€26.78 *
Order number: EP0705213
PCB Rack, 215x582mm
PCB rack 215x582mm, 20 slots, conductive thermoplastic compound based on polypropylene copolymer with carbon black with mica flake, 1,2kg.
€62.52 *
Order number: EP0705212
PCB Rack, 175x500mm
PCB rack, 175x500mm, 20 slots, carbon black-filled polypropylene compound, 0,7kg.
€49.92 *

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