EPA-Resist 8000 ESD-Personnel-Test-Center

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  • EP0206050
ESD-personnel grounding test center with data recording and access control  ... more

ESD-personnel grounding test center with data recording and access control


ESD-personnel grounding tester

  • 7 different measuring modes
  • 4 base modes, combinable in one measuring procedure:
  • Wrist strap, shoes, coat, gloves
  • 3 special modes: Auto shoe (shoe-to-shoe), glove test electrode, ESD-work attire with external electrodes
  • Passive measuring mode for people with electronic implants such as hearing aides or pacemakers or pregnant women
  • 3 selectable test voltages
  • Measuring modes and test voltage can be saved individually for every user
  • Threshold presets changeable 

Personal indentification

  • Through internal RFID-module
  • External RFID module connectable
  • Optional indentification via keyboard

Data recording

  • Person tests with all measuring results, temperature and humidity
  • Admittances with date, time, personnel number, name and test result (names and personell numbers can be exempt in accordance with GDPR)

Access control

  • Up to three relays can be concurrently activated
  • Special functions like expiration date and unlock time can be picked for every user individually

Easy configuration and use

  • Through the 7 inch touch screen display
  • Neat and easy menu navigation
  • Import/export of data through a web interface

Expandable to multiple test stations and access points

  • Via LAN port configurable (cascadable) with other EPA-Resist 8000 or PD-800 (EP0301011)
  • Personnel tests with multiple centers
  • Access control for multiple entrances

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