SIMCO-ION ionizing bar Performax Easy speed

EP0404003 Ionenspruehstab PERFORMAX EASY Speed
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  • EP0404003
The Performax Easy has an integrated high voltage power supply and only needs a operating... more

The Performax Easy has an integrated high voltage power supply and only needs a operating voltage of 24 VDC. Equipped with a standard M12 outlet for the 24 VDC supply. The ionization tips are touch-proof.

A two-colored LED visualizes usage-modes, normal use (green) or error (red). The plug has an extra remote contact (on/off) an a high voltage control signal. The rounded off edges of the ionizing bar and the high safety level (with IP 66) enables easy cleaning. Universal mounting elbows allow a lot of options for mounting. The standard M12 plug is equipped with LEDs, giving status information. 

Speed, for usage in all high speed areas.

Work distance Performax Easy: 100-500 mm
Performax Easy speed: 50- 500 mm
Housing Fiberglass-reinforced plastic
Ionization emitter Special coating
Plug Standard M12
Cable Low voltage cable
Weigth 1,25 kg/m
Surrounding temperature 0-55 °C
U primary 24 V DC, <0,5 A
Safety level IP66
High voltage power supply Integrated, 24V DC voltage input
Display Bright LED green/red
I/0 signal Remote control (on/of ); 10-30 V DC;
High voltage control; operating voltage- 1 V. max. 50 mA
Accessories Desktop-power plug (100-240 V/ 24 V)
Slider-power plug (100-240 V/ 24 V)
LED status display
Signal Constant Blinking
green in use ready for use
red overload HV overloaded


EP0404001 Ionenspruehstab MEB rund
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SIMCO-ION static bar MEB (round)
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EP0404002 Ionenspruehstab MEJ rund
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SIMCO-ION static bar MEJ (round)
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EP0404004 Ionenspruehstab PERFORMAX EASY Standard
Order number: EP0404004
SIMCO-ION ionizing bar Performax Easy standard
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