SIMCO-ION ionizing bar Performax Easy standard

EP0404004 Ionenspruehstab PERFORMAX EASY Standard
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  • EP0404004
The Performax Easy has an integrated high voltage power supply and only needs a operating... more

The Performax Easy has an integrated high voltage power supply and only needs a operating voltage of 24 VDC. Equipped with a standard M12 outlet for the 24 VDC supply. The ionization tips are touch-proof.

A two-colored LED visualizes usage-modes, normal use (green) or error (red). The plug has an extra remote contact (on/off) an a high voltage control signal. The rounded off edges of the ionizing bar and the high safety level (with IP 66) enables easy cleaning. Universal mounting elbows allow a lot of options for mounting. The standard M12 plug is equipped with LEDs, giving status information. 

Standard, for all usages with a work distance in the 100- 500 mm range

The Performax Easy standard bar is available from 270 mm effective length (450 mm full length) to 3690 mm effective length (3870 mm full length).


Work distance Performax Easy: 100-500 mm
Performax Easy speed: 50- 500 mm
Housing Fiberglass-reinforced plastic
Ionization emitter Special coating
Plug Standard M12
Cable Low voltage cable
Weigth 1,25 kg/m
Surrounding temperature 0-55 °C
U primary 24 V DC, <0,5 A
Safety level IP66
High voltage power supply Integrated, 24V DC voltage input
Display Bright LED green/red
I/0 signal Remote control (on/of ); 10-30 V DC;
High voltage control; operating voltage- 1 V. max. 50 mA
Accessories Desktop-power plug (100-240 V/ 24 V)
Slider-power plug (100-240 V/ 24 V)
LED status display
Signal Constant Blinking
green in use ready for use
red overload HV overloaded


EP0404001 Ionenspruehstab MEB rund
Order number: EP0404001
SIMCO-ION static bar MEB (round)
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EP0404002 Ionenspruehstab MEJ rund
Order number: EP0404002
SIMCO-ION static bar MEJ (round)
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EP0404003 Ionenspruehstab PERFORMAX EASY Speed
Order number: EP0404003
SIMCO-ION ionizing bar Performax Easy speed
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