Grounding tester EPA-RESIST 8000

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Foot electrode:

  • EP0206050
  • ESD-PROTECT - Technik
  • ESD-PROTECT - Technik
Personenidentifizierung durch RFID Transponder ESD-Personentests nach DIN EN 61340-5-1... more
  • Personnel indentification via RFID transponder
  • ESD-personnel tests according to DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • Electronic saving of test results
  • Control of access points through potential-free contacts
  • Network compatible with multiple EPA-RESIST 8000 and PD-8000S  


Verifying of compliance

Wrist strap

IEC 61340-4-6

Wrist strap system


IEC 61340-4-5

System Person/Shoes

Shoes "Hands-Free", automatic

IEC 61340-4-5

System Person/Shoes

Body voltage1)

IEC 61340-4-5

System Person/Shoes/Floor

Work cloak/ Smock

IEC 61340-4-9

Conductive EPA clothing


IEC TR 61340-5-2:2018

Mit Testelektrode

 1)            Passive voltage test for at-risk people (with pace-makers, insulin pumps, hearing aides or pregnant people)



  • Use through touch display and integrated screen menu
  • Through PC web app (programmed into the EPA-RESIST 8000, no extra installation necessary)



  • Individual-related test profiles
  • Free setting of limits
  • Different test voltages for each test profile selectable
  • Validity check of timed access (e.g.: valid ESD-seminar attendance or working time models)
  • Free access times after a single test without having to check after for each entrance, for a set amount of time
  • Very quick and accurate measurements thanks to a modern micro processor, displaying of results on color display
  • Saving of all test results with temperature and humidity on internal storage
  • Individual-related information can be anonymised data protection conform
  • Control of electronic entrance systems via 3 configurable relays (potential-free contacts as "opener-" or "closer-configuration")  
  • Checking of test results via

-          USB port

-          LAN to a PC

-          Active data pushing to a PC in real time (with the optinal „Data logger“ - App 2) )


  • Connection of multiple EPA-RESIST through central data administration PC-Master, which negates network intensive mirroring of user information onto all systems
  • An integrated boot loader allows updates and software changes though the user via the USB-Master port.


Optional extensions:

§  RFID access control PD-8000S
Through active free access times of already tested personnel the PD 8000S controls of up to 3 access points within the network. Making complex and spread-apart EPA-zones possible and affordable.


§  PC-App data logger 2)
The „data logger“ app saves all test protocolls of the EPA-RESIST 8000 or entrances through a PD 8000S in a daily file within your network in real time. Where all your data protection guidelines can be supported through filtering options.  



  • EPA-RESIST 8000
  • Data logger software on USB-stick
  • Base for wall- or table mounting
  • Power supply 24V
  • Foot electrode EP0206062
  • Connection cable relay
  • Manual
  • Calibration certificate

Optionally a foot with a holding plate is available (EP0206051)


SPECIAL SOLUTION with EUCHNER Electronic-Key-System:

The EPA-RESIST 8000 personnel grounding test center in combination with the Euchner-Key-System enables the possibility the identification of ESD-personnel tests and the following allowed access to the SPS/PLC-control at the workstation with just one Euchner-chip.

The ESD-test result is saved by the EPA-RESIST 8000 onto the chip and gets read by the SPS at the workstation.

All information that is to be saved onto the chip are variable and can be adjusted and changed according to customer needs.

EP0206050-ER8000-mit-Euchner-EN.jpg        Video:  Grafik-EN


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