EPA-Resist 8000 ESD-grounding test center

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Foot electrode:

  • EP0206050
Die Innovation für EPA-Zugänge: ESD-Personentestzentrale   Identifizierung über... more

The innovation for EPA-access/ ESD-personnel tester

  • Identification through RFID (all formats) or employee-ID
  • Set or individual test modes
  • Precise and fast measurements
  • 4 in 1: Tests wrist strap, ESD-shoes, ESD-work cloak and gloves (at once)
  • Mode for people with pace makers, hearing aides etc. (passive voltage metering)
  • Electronic storage of measuring data:
    - internal log-function, saving of measured data on internal circular buffer

    - additional saving on USB stick possible
    - active pushing of measured data through the device to a PC or server
  • external data logger software receives measured data, filters and saves pushed data from all connected ER 8000 devices continiously in one central daily file
  • System language easily switchable: german or english
  • Including temperature and humidity gauge
  • 7-inch color touch display
  • Includes foot electrode EP0206062
  • Optional cascading possible via PC-Master software for the connection of more than one device
  • For larger EPA zones with multiple or spread out entrances, cascading is possible via LAN. For this multiple EPA-RESIST 8000 and/or PD 8000S are connected via LAN and controlled by PC or the PC-Master software.
  • The PC-Master software is being delivered with the rental device. EP0206069.



  • EPA-RESIST 8000
  • Data logger software
  • Foot for wall or table mounting
  • 24V power supply
  • Foot electrode EP0206062
  • Connection cable
  • Manual
  • Calibration certificate


SPECIAL SOLUTION with EUCHNER Electronic-Key-System:

The EPA-RESIST 8000 personnel grounding test center in combination with the Euchner-Key-System enables the possibility the identification of ESD-personnel tests and the following allowed access to the SPS/PLC-control at the workstation with just one Euchner-chip.

The ESD-test result is saved by the EPA-RESIST 8000 onto the chip and gets read by the SPS at the workstation.

All information that is to be saved onto the chip are variable and can be adjusted and changed according to customer needs.

EP0206050-ER8000-mit-Euchner-EN.jpg        Video:  Grafik-EN


Grounding tester EPA-RESIST 6000
Order number: EP0206061
Grounding tester EPA-RESIST 6000
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