Bernstein ESD-interchangeable blade TORX

EP1402147 Bernstein ESD-Wechselklinge TORX
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Wechselklinge TORX T3/T4 6-kt. Klinge passend für Umsteckgriff EP1402141 ganze Länge... more

Interchangeable blade TORX T3/T4

  • Hex blade for blade grip EP1402141
  • Whole length hardened HRC 60
  • Matt chromed
  • Tip burnished black
  • Material: Quality tool steel HRC 56-58
  • Full length: 120 mm
  • Weigth: 12 g
EP1402117 Bernstein ESD-Schraubendreher Schlitz
Order number: EP1402117
Bernstein ESD-screwdriver slot
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EP1402123 Bernstein ESD-Schraubendreher Kreuzschlitz
Order number: EP1402123
Bernstein ESD-screwdriver cross
From €4.15 *
EP1402127 Bernstein ESD-Schraubendreher Schlitz
Order number: EP1402127
Bernstein ESD-screwdriver slot
From €5.15 *

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