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EP1403008 Bernstein Spannfix ESD-Schraubstock
Order number: EP1403008
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-vise
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-vise with table mount, with ball joint, max. table top thickness of 80 mm, surface resistance 10E7- 10E8 Ω.
€155.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP1403008
EP1403010 Bernstein Spannfix ESD-Schraubkopf
Order number: EP1403010
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-vise head
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-vise head, single, 150kp clamping power, 70mm clamping width, 80mm clamping width table clamp, 38mm clamping depth.
€99.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP1403010
EP1403009 Bernstein Spannfix ESD-Spannfuss
Order number: EP1403009
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-foot
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-foot, single, ball joint, for mounting a vise to a table or workbench with the max table top thickness of 80mm.
€99.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP1403009
EP1403011 Bernstein Spannfix ESD-Platinenhatlterung
Order number: EP1403011
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-circuit board holder
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-circuit board holder, adjustable between 25- 270 mm, steel, aluminium and dissipative synthetic.
€93.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP1403011
EP1403012 Bernstein Spannfix ESD-Winkeladapter
Order number: EP1403012
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-angular adapter
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-angular adapter, can be mounted onto SPANNFIX ESD-foot, cast aluminium with powder coating.
€30.50 *
Art-Nr.: EP1403012
EP1403013 Bernstein Spannfix ESD-Schnellwendevorrichtung
Order number: EP1403013
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-rapid turning device
Bernstein SPANNFIX ESD-rapid turning device, rotate board holder up to 180°, dissipative, cast aluminium with powder coating.
€112.00 *
Art-Nr.: EP1403013

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