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Order number: CE0101011
HAKKO Soldering station FX 888D
Soldering station FX 888D, station, iron and holder, 70W, 200-480°C, <2 ohms resistance, ceramics heating element.
€175.00 *
Order number: CE0102098
HAKKO Mobile soldering gun FR-301
Mobile soldering gun FR-301 with tip, 110W (50/60HZ), 350-500°C, <2 ohms resistance, ceramic heating element.
€316.00 *
Order number: CE0103249
HAKKO Soldering tips T18 for FX 888D
Soldering tips for HAKKO soldering station FX 888D, 31 different types, different formats and diameters.
From €5.60 *
Order number: CE0103002
HAKKO Soldering tips for FX 951 (FM 2028)
Tips for HAKKO Soldering station FX 951 (iron FM 2028), 78 types, different formats, sizes and diameters.
From €18.00 *
Order number: CE0103314
HAKKO Soldering gun tips N61 for FR-301
Tips for mobile soldering gun FR-301, 16 types, different formats and diameters.
From €16.60 *

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