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Order number: EP0705020
BLACKLINE case, 300x200mm
BLACKLINE cases, 300x200, 3 sizes, from PP, with SGL bottom, with grip.
From €22.99 *
Order number: EP0705022
BLACKLINE case, 400x300mm
BLACKLINE cases, 400x300, 5 sizes, from PP, with flat bottom, with grip.
From €25.70 *
Order number: EP0705028
BLACKLINE case, 600x400mm
BLACKLINE cases, 600x400, 4 sizes, from PP, with flat bottom, with grip.
From €39.70 *
Order number: EP0705056
Grip holder for BLACKLINE grips
Grip holder for BLACKLINE grips.
€0.40 *
Order number: EP0705057
Grip set for BLACKLINE cases
Grip set for BLACKLINE cases.
€3.60 *
Order number: EP0803034
ESD-Werkzeugkoffer Compact 15
ESD-Werkzeugkoffer, Tiefe: 215,0 mm, Breite: 426,0 mm, Höhe: 170,0 mm, Gewicht: 1,350 kg mit herausnehmbarem Werkzeugträger.
€61.25 *
Order number: EP0706173
ESD Kleinteilekoffer 2004 schwarz
Koffer 2000-ESD Abmessungen 270 x 185 x 76 mm/innen, elektrostatisch volumenleitfähig.
€15.87 *
Order number: EP0706174
ESD Kleinteilekoffer 2006 schwarz
Koffer 2000-ESD Abmessungen 335 x 240 x 71 mm/innen, elektrostatisch volumenleitfähig.
€22.80 *
Order number: EP0706175
ESD Kleinteilekoffer 2011 schwarz
Koffer 2000-ESD Abmessungen 375 x 265 x 80 mm/innen, elektrostatisch volumenleitfähig.
€32.02 *
Order number: EP0706172
ESD Kleinteilekoffer 2000 schwarz
Koffer 2000-ESD Abmessungen 340 x 250 x 53 mm/innen, elektrostatisch volumenleitfähig.
€18.90 *
Order number: EP0706171
ESD Kleinteilekoffer 2001 schwarz
Koffer 2001-ESD Abmessungen 240 x 170 x 42 mm/innen, elektrostatisch volumenleitfähig.
€17.50 *

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