BLACKLINE case, 300x200mm

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SGL-Norm Koffer leitfähig BL Der SGL-Norm Koffer der Serie Blackline besteht je aus einem... more

SGL-standard case conductive BL

The SGL-norm case of the BLACKLINE series consists of one BLACKLINE container, one BLACKLINE hinge lid and one grip, enables practical and comfortable transport.

  • Outer measurements: 300x200x69 mm
  • Inner measurements: 260x200x39 mm
  • Useable height: 39 mm
  • Load capacity: 15 kg
  • Volume: 1,6 l
  • Weight: 525 g
  • Closed SGL base 000
  • Closed walls
  • Handle strips
  • Material: PP
  • No. per pallet: 400 pcs
  • Color: black ESD 
  • 1 carrying grip on the long side



EP0705056 Griffhalter zu Koffergriff 95
Order number: EP0705056
Grip holder for BLACKLINE grips
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EP0705057 Koffergriff-Set fuer Blackline-Koffer
Order number: EP0705057
Grip set for BLACKLINE cases
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EP0705021 Koffer BLACKLINE 400 x 300 mm
Order number: EP0705021
BLACKLINE case, 400x300mm
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