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EP0705115 Printplattenhalter fuer 400 x 300 mm Blackline
Order number: EP0705115
PCB holder for 400x300
PCB holder, conductive, for BLACKLINE 400x300 containers, PPC, round nubs.
Content 1 Stück
€7.05 *
EP0705118 Printplattenhalter fuer 600 x 400 mm Blackline
Order number: EP0705118
PCB holder for 600x400
PCB holder, conductive, for BLACKLINE 600x400 containers, PPC, square nubs.
€18.50 *
EP0705116 Tragbuegel fuer PCB Holder 600 x 400 Blackline 2-er Set
Order number: EP0705116
Handle for 600x400 PCB holder
Handle for 600x400 PCB holder, metal, 2pcs.
Content 2 Stück
€25.98 *

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