Combotester X3 with foot electrode

EP0206001 Personentester X3 inkl Fusselektrode
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  • EP0206001
Shoe- and wirst strap test station X3, with foot electrode and wall mount. The Combotester X3... more

Shoe- and wirst strap test station X3, with foot electrode and wall mount.

The Combotester X3 checks the functionality of a users wirst strap and shoes. Both shoes and the wrist strap will be checked against the threshold of 750 kΩ - 35 MΩ. Thresholds are selectable via DIP switch. Measuring results are displayed via status-LEDs. Through the potential-free relay contact an entrance system can be opened after a successful test.

The Combotester X3 comes with a 2-pole foot electrode and a wall mount.


  • Thresholds selectable via DIP switch
  • Status LEDs display measuring results
  • Test modi selectable via DIP switch
  • Relay outlet


  • Combo X3 personnel grounding tester
  • Power supply 12V DC
  • Holding plate for wall mounting
  • 2-pole foot electrode
  • Calibration certificate
Accuracy ± 20% for 1 GΩ shoe threshold
± 10% for all other thresholds
Operating voltage 12V DC
Voltage test switch 5V DC, opened
Voltage for wrist strap-and-shoe test 30V DC, opened
Testflows Reliant on resistance and setup of thresholds (100 KΩ–1 GΩ
Relay 1 A at 30 V DC max.
Temperature range 21 °C to 30 °C for 1 GΩ setup shoes
5 °C bis 30 °C for all other thresholds
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